We at AIM are committed in our efforts to spread peace, tolerance and co-existence; and to promote social harmony as contained in our rich and abundant Islamic heritage. AIM believes that the continual pursuit of its objectives will create a better world for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The Ali Islamic Mission (AIM) is an Islamic grassroots organisation whose objective is to empower Muslims through education, identity building and committed service to the community.

AIM is an independent, non-profit entity founded in 2015 in Greater Toronto Area, Canada by a group of Muslim Volunteers and thinkers.
The AIM outlook is guided by the principles taught by the Holy Prophet (saw) and his AhlulBayt (as);
AIM believes that for salvation to be attained, aspirations must centre on the preparation for the promised saviour, Imam Al-Mahdi (atf). Inspired by the Islamic teachings, our activities focus on grassroot empowerment. This approach has enabled AIM to build strong, healthy and durable relationships with diverse communities.
  • The primary objectives of AIM are as stated below:
  • To observe Islam with regards to thought and practice.
  • To improve the education of the public about Islam and its related subjects.
  • To promote religious harmony by creating opportunities of dialogue with other faiths and denominations.
  • To develop the skills, capacity and identity of members of the Muslim community.
  • To help young people become responsible individuals and members who contribute positively to society.
  • To promote human rights through advocacy and campaigning.
  • To relieve poverty and advance humanitarian projects.


Resident Aalim

Syed Ahmad Raza Al-Hussaini

Moulana Hujjat ul Islam, Ahmad Raza Al-Hussaini is born and raised in India, Completed Islamic education from Hawza-e-Ilmiya and got Master’s degree in Arabic Literature from Banaras University, India.
Serving 25 years all across Europe, Africa, North America and South Asia. Now he is serving Ali Islamic Mission, Mississauga as a resident Aalim, performing all religous duties, leading of daily prayers. He is also a Registered Marriage Minister. He has written many articles on Islamic Topics, he has traveled to most cities in Canada.